My New 1978 Spitfire

Front view
Left Side
Rear view - boot lid was primered and forgotten
Right side
Interior as found.
A home for wildlife
Left side of motor
Right side of motor
Right side after removing tunnel
Left side after removing tunnel
Left side after removing tunnel and rat's nest.  Wiring is intact!
Typical view of interior.  Tons of pinestraw are a sign that there may be some water damage.  Note rust hole on top of driveshaft hump.  The water must have been deep.
57,000 and some miles.
Battery box is rusty.  I'm told a possum made his home here for many years.
Inside the boot - no bodies stored here.  Another nice rat's nest though.
After the junk is out.
Loot In The Boot!
The spare OD transmission that started this.
Note the broken flange.  If I can get the part or get this welded, I'll still be ahead...
Literature in perfect shape after laying in the cubby box for 30 years - go figure